The best tea and food pairings

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Green and white tea.
Food Pairing: eating Japanese mochi or red been paste sweets

Oolong tea.
Food Pairing: moon cake, nuts & dried fruit,

Black tea
Food Pairing: desserts, sweet pastries

Puer tea
Food Pairing: heavy, greasy meals; helpful in digestion

About Donna Lo Christy:
Donna Lo Christy was born and raised in Taiwan. She spent her university days studying law and enjoying the tea renaissance of the early 1980s. Several years after coming to the US she gave up practicing law in order to devote time to family and then to tea. For the past eleven years Donna has been traveling throughout Asia looking for the best teas, pots, and cups to bring back to Far Leaves Tea in Berkeley. Between buying trips she has nurtured a community of tea lovers and food enthusiasts including both customers and staff members at the tea shop on College Avenue. Although she always serves the best quality teas, her down to earth personality ensures that Far Leaves Tea is approachable by all and the time spent having tea is enjoyable and fulfilling. Though her modesty precludes excessive public appearances, Donna does occasionally get out to explain to others how having tea improves the quality of one's life and helps make the world a better place.

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