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Do's and Don'ts for online discount shopping


  • Do Compare prices of brands and stores on similar products

  • Do Find a promotional code/coupon prior to checking out online

  • Do Be open to purchasing different brands for products

  • Do Research prices/coupons at sites like and

  • Do Make sure to take advantage of the "promotional code" box at checkout

  • Do Stack coupons whenever possible. Often times you can use Free Shipping AND a Sitewide discount to maximize combined savings.

  • Do Stock up to increase your savings. Many coupons will provide an even bigger discount when you buy more.

  • Do Share your coupons with your friends!
  • Don't Purchase anything online without a promotional code. If there is a box for a code, you will most likely be able to find some discount on the web.

  • Don't Make an in-store purchase without comparing prices online. You can often find the item cheaper online PLUS most retailers offer free shipping.

  • Don't Forget to check sites like and BEFORE you shop so that you can find the best deal. Even if you are shopping at the last minute, you may find incredible savings just by spending a minute to check for last minute coupons.

  • Don't Forget to read the details on each coupon. Some offers may include a minimum order size, promotional code, or be exclusive to certain products. Make sure to check the restrictions to ensure that you receive the full discount.

  • Don't Pay for coupons. An upfront fee for access to discount coupons is often a sign they are fraudulent.

  • Don't Be married to a brand. Often times coupons can be offered for the same product from a different brand where you can save.
About Lenka Keston:
Lenka Keston has worked as the Product Marketing Manager for for two years, overseeing the product development for and, the production of several blog sites, and other retail projects included under the umbrella of

Previously, Keston served as a retail buyer at a major hospitality chain for two years, gaining retail insight through consistent interaction with consumers, vendors and retailers on a daily basis. Her six years of experience in hospitality management have provided her with an eclectic and expansive knowledge of the retail industry.

Her current responsibilities include tracking buyer behavior and consumer trends and maintaining strong retail partnerships to more fully meet consumer demands and make the online shopping and comparison process simple, convenient and customer-friendly.

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