Chief Gascon hosts staff "meet and greet"


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As part of the changing of the guard, former Chief Heather Fong's picture was being replaced with new Chief George Gascon's deliverymen brought flowers on his first day at work.

We caught him just before his first meeting with the command staff.

The majority of the cops are really excited about me being here. The reception has been very, very warm," said new San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon.

Even police union chief Gary Delagnes, who had a contentious relationship with Fong, complimented Gascon.

"I can't think of a bad thing to say yet, although I told him I'm sure we'll be butting heads at some point," said Chief Delagnes.

Deputy chiefs, commanders and captains began arriving shortly before noon. They've heard lots of rumors. One -- that many of them will be replaced.

"There could be. That's solely in the chief's prerogative. We'll wait and see," said SFPD Deputy Chief Antonio Parra.

Chief Gascon told us for now, the command staff will stay. But he'll begin interviewing each of them tomorrow.

"I have no preconceived ideas about any one individual. Everyone is going to be able to basically articulate why they should be where they are," said Chief Gascon.

At the meeting, Gascon told his brass that the department's success hinges on the patrol officer.

Those we spoke with welcomed that message.

"The rubber really meets the road with the officer on the street. In essence, we are all the support services including himself to their mission," said North Police Station Captain Al Casciato.

"It was very enlightening. Chief Gascon set the tone for what he expects the command staff and his future vision," said SFPD Morris Tabak.

Chief Gascon said his new apartment was too small to fit all his furniture. But his office should be big enough to fill all of his new ideas.

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