4 steps to sane parenting


Follow your child's interests and aptitude. Rather than signing your child up for a set list of activities that all the moms and dads in the neighborhood are doing, follow what your child is telling you.

Certain activities are really important for all kids (swimming and other forms of exercise), but let your child have the freedom to choose others. This will not only increase your child's sense of confidence and self-efficacy but will also help you and your child to identify important aptitudes and preferences that will be invaluable to know down the road.

"Schedule" downtime. Many times, as adults and parents, we hope that free time will materialize during the afternoons and weekends, but all too often, it doesn't. If you're having trouble setting aside time to relax, schedule it! A three to four hour block of time spent at home with your child will help both of you to slow down and enjoy time spent together.

Engage in effective stress management. Children pick up tension and stress and are very sensitive to conflict in their homes. By engaging in effective stress management and taking time for yourself, you will not only model a behavior that is an important skill for your kids, but you will also be more relaxed and able to enjoy parenting.

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