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Show topic: Wildlife

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August 9, 2009
Show topic: Wildlife
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

Every week, Beyond the Headlines focuses on a different topic affecting people who live and work in the Bay Area. Many of us are either out of work, working fewer hours, or knows someone who is laid off. The August 9th episode looks at a topic we often take for granted. It is nature and our wildlife. All around us, we are exposed to natural beauty in so many ways. Today we learn about some of our marine mammals, Bay Area preserves, and a wildlife museum with lots of exciting things to see.

Studio Guests

Jeff Boehm, DVM
Executive Director, The Marine Mammal Center

Ann Bauer
Director of Education, The Marine Mammal Center

Daniel Gluesenkamp, PhD
Director of Habitat Protection and Restoration, Audubon Canyon Ranch

Dawn Manley
Animal Husbandry Manager, Lindsay Wildlife Museum

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