Can a card game reveal marriage stress?

Tips from Dr. Steidinger on how to keep relationships healthy and to make sure no one gets killed:

Learn to set aside underlying conflicts and focus only on the game at hand. Regularly hold, pre- and post- game discussions. What went right? What went wrong?

Plan out the strategy ahead of time. Use your mind. Focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Remember, you are working as a team.

Give your partner reassurance rather then criticism. Praise good bids.

Pay attention. Getting distracted by others playing around you will only cause problems.

Take each bid as it comes, don't get riled by a bad bid. Think about how to recover if possible.

About Dr. Joan Steidinger:
Dr. Joan Steidinger is a Mill Valley-based psychologist who specializes in sports/peak performance training to help clients achieve their personal best through her Power Zone coaching program. She helps develop strong mind skills based on their personal Power Zone, focusing on strong interplay between mind and body. Dr. Steidinger works with couples doing relationship counseling, and will speak of the dynamics of game playing within relationships.

About "The Devil's Tickets"
Gary Pomerantz's The Devil's Tickets is the true story of a wealthy Kansas City housewife who killed her philandering husband over a bridge game. (USA Today named it a top 5 summer read and says: "Combine the favorite card game of proper intellectuals including Warren Buffett with a scandalous real-life murder and a cheating husband, and you've got an irresistible summer read."

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