Dealing with the suicide of a loved one

Every year there are twice as many suicides as murders in the United States. It's a subject that affects so many people, and yet it is not often written about. Every story is unique, and yet the questions-Why did you do it? How could you have loved me and yet left me behind? Who were you? How well can we ever know another person? -are universal. THE SUICIDE INDEX is an honest exploration of the factors leading up to a suicide and of the long, difficult impact on a family afterward -- the confusion, the numbness, the anger, and the grief. Joan Wickersham wrestles with the core question: How do you come to grips with a loved one whose death makes him a mystery?

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About Joan Wickersham:
Joan Wickersham is the author of the novel The Paper Anniversary. Her work has appeared in The Best American Short Stories. An excerpt from The Suicide Index earned her the Ploughshares's Cohen Award for Best Short Story of 2007. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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