Mindful and conscious eating


Most everyone loves to be at home. It is a place of comfort, safety, and relaxation. Many times we don't think of home getting in our way when it comes to what and how we eat. Well, it does! Ever caught yourself eating in front of the TV, munching at the computer, or "tasting" while making dinner? Here to help us get a hold of HOW to eat more consciously at home is Jamie G. Dougherty, Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert.

Many times when we are running through our busy day we eat in a mindless manner. That is, we don't think about what's going into our mouths, how much is going in and if we are even hunger or enjoying it.

1. Have a conversation with yourself- Often we eat out of boredom or when we have time, rather than when we are hunger. Ask yourself, "Am I hungry?", "Do I really want this?" What non-food treat do I really need?- A quick walk/stretch, glass of water, a 5 minute nap

2. Sit at the table- do not eat in from of computer, TV, or in the car- Eating while doing other activities leaves you unsatisfied and looking for the next thing to put in your mouth. Never multitask your meals; If you have to eat in the car, eat your food before you start driving or once you reach your destination.

3. Chew- Chewing slows you down, makes you more aware of how much you are eating, and allows to you fully enjoy your food. 15-20 times per bite. It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to register fullness so when you slow down you actually eat let because your stomach has time to tell you to stop- Notice how food changes taste as you eat it? Are there flavors you've never notice before?

4. Be a wine snob- use all of your senses when eating- see it, touch it, smell it, then taste it

5. OPP- One Plate Please- to keep track of your food. Very important at gatherings (BBQs, Super Bowl, Thanksgiving) Put all your food one plate and that is your serving for the event

About Jamie G. Dougherty:
Founder of JamieLiving.com. Her path to holistic nutrition began at the age of five when she declared broccoli her favorite food. Fifteen years later Jamie received the startling diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. With the prospect of a lifetime on prescription drugs in the forefront of her mind, Jamie shifted her diet and lifestyle to repair her body and regain control of her health. Her voyage of self and nutritional exploration has provided her a deeper understanding of the mind, body, and health connection. Jamie's knowledge and inspirational counseling provides clients with the necessary tools to start on their new path to health and wellness. Her approach to nutrition is based on a step-by-step program that allows clients to realize the potential and power they possess to affect their own wellbeing. Each program is tailored specifically to the individual, taking into account a number of variables including health concerns, daily life, and metabolism. Jamie's passion for nutrition and lifestyle counseling allows her clients to experience life at its most vibrant and create the life they have always wanted.

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