Fighting insomnia: Creating a sleep sanctuary

What is a "Sleep Sanctuary?"
Millions of Americans have chronic trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep, most complaining of an inability to turn off sleep-robbing mind chatter. Former chronic insomniac turned self-help sleep wellness expert, Robert deStefano, believes that a general lack of ability to fully let go of the day physically, emotionally and spiritually contributes greatly to the vicious cycle of mind chatter-disturbed sleep-mind chatter. In his nationally acclaimed workshops Robert teaches the skills and techniques to successfully transition from the day into the night, or as he puts it - from your "dayness" to your "nightness", to achieve the correct state of 'sleep readiness'. In his trainings, before any attention is placed on the individual, emphasis is first placed on making the bedroom conducive to sleep. For many people their bedrooms look more like a family room with a mattress in it. Creating a 'sleep sanctuary' means having a bedroom that may look and feel differently from the rest of the house. Beyond the practical aspects of a correct mattress, pillow, window treatments and flooring, the color palette needs to resonate with the brain waves science relates to relaxation and sleep. Warm colors are usually stimulating and not the best for a calm and relaxing environment. Blues, greens, and purples are the most relaxing colors, they have a soothing effect on both the mind and the body. Paint your dreams on a clean, bare canvass - family photos, knick-knacks, and paintings should be removed. If the room is beginning to look a little dull you're heading in the right direction. The room's energy vibe needs to be very low - clutter, electronics (of course the TV and laptops) even the type of clock you use contribute chaos. And sorry, put the dogs and cats out of the room. Use the senses to soften the mood - add in sweet sleep music and sleep-inducing aromatherapy.

Now you're ready to add in items that will chase out the sleep-robbing thoughts of the the day and welcome the night ....

- Aromatherapy for sleep / bed and body mist

- Sleep music - CD (music soothes the savage beast)

- eye pillow - worth its weight in gold

If you follow these tips you will be amazed at how much the energy of the room will drop, truly transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep -

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About Robert Michael deStefano:
Robert Michael deStefano is recognized as the creator of a "new generation of sleep wellness therapy." Quite an accomplishment for someone who battled near-debilitating insomnia for more than twenty years. His unique technique for increasing both quantity and quality of sleep is an inspirational and remarkably easy method that becomes life-changing for many who embrace it. For more than twenty years Robert deStefano was one of what the National Sleep Foundation estimates to be seventy million Americans who suffer from sleep deprivation. Over that period he relentlessly searched for a long-term solution to his stress-induced insomnia. He traversed medical doctors and sleep drugs, therapists, hypnotists and accupucturists. He bought virtually every book on the subject, read every magazine 'tip', and collected a small mountain of sleep cds and herbal supplements. Like so many others who followed the same path, nothing helped for more than a light or two. Seven years ago, deep in a sleep deprived rut and with his heath at risk, Robert had this epiphany that changed not only his sleep, but his life as well - self-help programs exist for virtually any personal development pursuit, from losing weight to quitting smoking.The successful self-help programs that Robert researched had a common thread: exchanging negative behaviors/actions for positive ones and changing the way a person thinks about themselves relevant to the change they desired. The methods he studied all had the common structure of skills-know-how and-tools with heaps of motivation and inspiration. He searched for such a program for sleep and after finding none he created his own using a blend of modern sleep science and ancient spiritual arts of relaxation combined with his passionate nature, driven by his belief that if this solution could work for him it could work for anyone. This method, the result of seven years of research, trial and error brought an end to Robert's sleepless nights. Today Robert teaches his sleep method to corporations and at the world's most exclusive retreats and destination spas. He is also preparing to release his sleep solution packaged for home use - "Plan8, The 30-day Deep Sleep Empowerment Program" a DVD series with a companion action planner guide book.

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