New pay stub scam can get you arrested


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The issue was first spotted on craigslist and in effect it is fraud for hire. The ad has been taken off Craigslist, but is still available online.

The ad says: Need professional pay stubs, you've come to the right place. Pay stubs $50, bank statements $120.

The Deputy District Attorney, David Lim, found out about this through an anonymous tip.

"Clearly it is illegal to have forged pay stubs or W-2 forms and this person called our office wondering is this legal and we informed her, "no," said Lim.

The Alameda District Attorney's Office is targeting these types of scammers going after forgers who are offering documents to consumers attempting to get loans.

Some of the ads are aimed at loan brokers.

"They are saying we will put any amount of money you need to qualify for a loan," said Lim.

Consumers aren't off the hook just because they don't make the documents. Get involved with some of the practices and you could be facing a handful of charges.

"Technically yes [it is illegal,] if you know you don't make that amount of money and you asking someone to make a false document for you to get a loan that is illegal and you could be charged with providing false documents, obtaining a loan under false pretenses, you could also be guilty of forgery even though you didn't' for the documents," answered Lim to 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney's question about whether it is illegal to ask or pay someone for this.

This really isn't that much different than what so many did during the housing boom, exaggerate their earnings. Only now documentation is needed bad guys are there to do the dirty work and explain why it is legal. But these fakes can also be used to document your criminal behavior.

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