No charges in Hasanni's disappearance


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"We're going to do what we need to as parents. I don't care what [the police] do," said /*Louis Ross*/, Hasanni's foster father.

Ross fed-up with Oakland police and is vowing to find his foster son. Ross was released from jail on Tuesday because prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to charge him in the disappearance of 5-year-old /*Hasanni*/. Police say they still consider Ross and his wife suspects.

It looks like police are determined to prove the couple's guilt, even though detectives failed to shake them down over the weekend and were unable to come up with enough evidence to file murder charges against them. Tuesday police tried to prove their case by releasing some of their evidence.

A surveillance video shows Hasanni wearing a red cap with his 1-year-old sister in the cart, and the foster parents -- Ross and Jennifer Campbell -- shopping at a Walmart, in Fremont, on August 6th. That was four days before the boy was reported missing. Police say it's the last time they can independently verify Hasanni was alive. But after Ross was released from jail, he explained that his efforts to be open with police were used against him.

"I gave them a catalogue of events and I supplied them with proof. I said, 'As a matter of fact, here's the receipt. Check the time, date stamped. You'll see [Hasanni] there, you'll see all of us there,'" said Ross.

The couple says police tried to deceive them by texting Ross from Campbell's phone after they arrested her on Friday.

"They've been trying to plant doubt from me, from day one when we were at the police station, trying to say this never happened, that never happened, from day one," said Jennifer Campbell.

Ross says that even after he was arrested by police, pointing assault weapons at him, he waived his rights and agreed to talk openly with detectives.

"I trusted their word, but they've shown by their actions their word can't be trusted. They've shown through their actions they have an agenda," said Ross.

"We are continuing to put our efforts into solving this case and potentially re-arresting Mr. Louis Ross or Jennifer Campbell at some point," said Oakland Police Department Chief Howard Jordan. "We strongly believe and we know for a fact that Hasanni Campbell never made it to Oakland on August 10 to College Avenue at 4:15 as was previously reported."

Police would not say what that factual evidence is, but apparently it wasn't enough to prosecute and now the couple has decided to end their talks with police.

"They got the same story, but they weren't happy with the story that they got. They wanted something else,"

The foster parents say the surveillance video is the closest they can get to proving Hasanni was alive prior to his disappearance. The couple says they'll now focus their attention on finding Hasanni themselves.

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