The search is on for Janelle's wedding dress

Despite the recession, brides-to-be are still in search of that perfect wedding gown for their special day. Many are avoiding high-end boutiques and looking to stores like David's Bridal. Since affordability is key for Janelle Wang, she dropped by the store to try on some dresses. David Bridal's has a selection that can't be beat with styles in petite, missy and women's plus sizes, ranging from 14W- 26W and select styles in sizes 28 and 30 in a wide variety of fashion-forward styles.

About David's Bridal
With more than 50 years of bridal experience, David's Bridal understands the importance of providing brides-to-be with a vast selection of exquisitely crafted dresses, available at affordable prices. Today, with over 300 locations nationwide, David's Bridal continues to expand its retail store locations, while maintaining its philosophy of superior quality, value and service. To locate a store nearby, consumers can call 1-877-693-BRIDE or visit

About Dan Rentillo
Dan Rentillo, Design Director for David's Bridal, began his fashion career as an apprentice with eveningwear and costume designers in Los Angeles. After learning the ropes, Rentillo designed his own collection of eveningwear that was immediately sold in such prestigious stores as Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The brains behind David's fashionable bridal, bridal party and special occasion gowns, Dan heads up the design team and is known for his exquisite fashion sense and contemporary trend forecasting. Rentillo and his team travel throughout Europe for ideas and inspiration when designing the remarkable styles we present each season. As a fashion industry maven with extensive knowledge of bridal and special occasion dressing, Dan offers his expertise to brides and fashionistas looking to be in-the-know on all the latest trends.

David's Bridal 2009 "What's on Brides' Minds" Survey Fact Sheet

Brides-to-be getting ready to take the plunge in today's economy have shared their preferences and attitudes in the third annual "What's on Brides Minds" survey, which was conducted by Infosurv for David's Bridal, the nation's foremost bridal authority. Following are some interesting and valuable statistics from these discerning brides:

Economy-Conscious Brides

· Chiconomics 101: Seventy-five percent (75%) of brides-to-be admit that they will have to make adjustments to their wedding budget as a result of the economic climate. Twenty-three percent (23%) plan to cut their budget in half and one in ten said their budget had dropped more than 75%.

· Tying the Knot Without Breaking the Bank: Fifty-three percent (53%) of respondents do not plan to spend more than $25,000 on their big day and 34% said they plan to spend $10,000 or less.

· Cutting Corners: The survey revealed that the first area of wedding planning that brides-to-be would be willing to adjust is the number of guests (45%), followed by the wedding cuisine (45%) and venue (45%).

· No Compromising: When asked what items they refuse to compromise on, brides' top responses were wedding bands (45%) and, not surprisingly, their wedding gown (37%).

· In Sickness and in Health, in Good Finances and in Debt: A clear sign of the times, 77% of survey respondents said that paying off debts was their top economic priority aside from their wedding.

Traditions Old & New

· Green and Gorgeous: Forty-five percent (45%) of brides surveyed said they are making an effort to be environmentally conscious when planning their wedding.

· Aisle of Surprise: 50% of brides-to-be said they were not going to see their fiancé before the ceremony on their big day.

· The Big Unveiling: Fifty-six percent (56%) of brides surveyed did not plan to show their fiancé their dress prior to the wedding.

· Tried and True: 56% percent plan to follow the age-old tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

· Good Morning Sunshine: No surprise, the number one reason brides will choose their wedding day is based on when the weather is generally good; 23% are selecting their date based on this.

Exploring the Internet - An Untapped Resource

· Social Networking: Surprisingly, only 23% of brides-to-be reported using social networking sites to poll their friends and family about wedding day elements. Yet, as expected, sites like MySpace and Facebook were the most popular.

· Blogging Brides: Only 24% of brides said they blog about their big day, utilizing sites like and

It's All About the Dress

· Beautiful, Yet Budget-Friendly: Fifty-five percent (55%) of brides surveyed said they plan to spend no more than $600 on the bridal gown of their dreams, while only 10% plan to splurge and spend more than $2,000 on their selection.

· Stand-Out Styles: When asked about the type of dress they'll choose for that walk down the aisle, the top responses were a traditional ball gown (25%), followed by a classic A-line style (20%) and empire waist gowns (19%).

· Running from the Runway: Showcasing a bride's own personal style is key, as more than two thirds (69%) said that they were not looking at runway trends when choosing their wedding gowns, just going for what they loved!

· Bridal Countdown: During the search for "the one," 32% of brides-to-be - the top response - said that they plan to give themselves less than six months before their special day to purchase their gown.

Details For Planning The "Big" Day

· Buyer Beware: With the declining economy, an added concern has recently surfaced among the newly engaged - trusting that a bridal shop and designer they choose will be able to deliver. Forty-six percent (46%) of brides surveyed are concerned that their bridal boutique may go out of business

· The Invite is in the Mail: To alert friends and family to their special day, nearly half (49%) of brides-to-be said that they would like to announce the date with a traditional invitation over an evite.

· A "Big" Affair: After seeing "Sex and the City: The Movie," brides are embracing their inner Carrie Bradshaw and opting for a smaller affair; 43% said that they would like a more intimate wedding like Carrie's real "big" day.

Bridesmaid Bonanza

· The Cost of Friendship: Seventy-three percent of survey respondents said their bridesmaid dresses won't cost more than $200, while 6% said they expected their bridesmaids to cough up more than $400 for their dresses.

· Reuse and Recycle: To keep costs down and "go green," brides-to-be are selecting bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again and are encouraging their bridesmaids to choose a flattering dress in the wedding color scheme. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of respondents said they were planning on one of these options to ensure that bridesmaids are happy with -and reuse- their dresses.

· In Good Company: According to the survey, the top response as to how many bridesmaids brides planned to have by their side on their wedding day was between three and four, at 37%.

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