Officer thanked for cracking Dugard case


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"You got a key to the city of Brentwood," said Brentwood Mayor Robert Taylor.

U.C. Berkeley Police Officer Ally Jacobs is only the second person to ever receive a key to the city of Brentwood where she lives. The mayor called her a true hero.

"Because of someone like this person right here who took that extra stride, who went that extra mile, she's really help bring America even closer together," said Mayor Taylor.

Jacobs was recognized for her persistent detective work that helped nab Philip Garrido. When Garrido showed up on the Cal campus to pass out religious material, Officer Jacobs observed the odd behavior of his two daughters. She then found out Garrido was a registered sex offender. The investigation eventually led to Garrido's Antioch home where he had been holding kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard for 18 years. He fathered the two girls with Dugard.

"I heard it on the news that it was a U.C. Berkeley cop and I called her and said 'Was it you?' and she said 'Yeah,'" said Melissa Kruppa, Jacobs' friend.

"I'm completely humbled and honored that my town would do this for me and recognized me for what I believe was just me doing my job," said Jacobs.

Jacobs' friends say her intuition as a mother and a cop helped solve the case.

"Melissa she's very sharp. When we go out and take the kids to the park or something, she's always looking around to see who's there," said Kruppa.

"Yeah I asked her to come down to Brentwood, but she likes it in Berkeley, and the lieutenant she brought with her wasn't too happy I was recruiting her," said Brentwood Police Department Chief Mark Evenson.

Unlike other heroes who react instantly and physically, Jacobs was recognized for her calculating thought, her patience, and hard work in unraveling an 18-year-old mystery.

The other officer that helped crack this case was U.C. Berkeley Officer Lisa Campbell. You can see the press conference that took place at U.C. Berkeley here, in which both women describe how their suspicions lead to the arrest of Garrido.

RAW: UC Berkeley press conference

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