CA lawmaker caught in affair, resigns


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Assemblyman Mike Duvall (R-Yorba Linda), a married man with adult children, was caught -- on videotape -- bragging about two sexual conquests at the Capitol over the summer.

Wednesday morning was the last session Mike Duvall attended as an Assemblyman. The married, 54-year-old Orange County Republican resigned one day after a tape surfaced with him talking about his extra-marital affairs during a committee hearing break in July.

"I did speak with him and he was extremely remorseful and regretful," Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) said.

On the July 8 tape, Duvall goes into salacious detail about the affairs.

One woman is a married lobbyist who works for Sempra Energy. The utility company says it is investigating.

On the tape, Duvall marvels how she is nearly 20 years younger and how he likes to spank her during their trysts.

"So, I am getting into spanking her, yeah, I like it, I like spanking her," he is heard saying on the tape. "She goes, 'I know you like spanking me,' I said, "Yeah, because you're such a bad girl.'"

It was Assemblyman Jeff Miller sitting next to him, listening to Duvall's conquests.

But Wednesday, Miller distanced himself from the scandal.

"I can't make any comment, you need to talk to Mr. Duvall," he said.

Duvall dodged reporters all day, going places in the Assembly where media is not allowed. His office was unusually locked all day.

Meanwhile, as lobbyists continue to cram the Capitol hallways, watchdog groups are appalled with the influence special interests still have despite classes and laws preventing such cozy relationships between lobbyists and politicians.

Lawmakers are considering numerous energy bills this session, and those watchdog groups say Duvall's views on energy do align with Sempra's.

"He took their side and it's that type of thing that's probably the most troubling -- not just the questionable ethics behavior, but the influence of special interests like Sempra Energy," Derek Cressman of California Common Cause said.

Duvall admitted to day in a statement that he made a mistake and he apologized. Despite his resignation, an ethics committee will still look into the matter.

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