Living longer and healthier by volunteering

WHAT IS A PASSIONARY? Passionaries is a word I have coined to mean "passionate visionaries" or social entrepreneurs. They provide role-models for us of how to build or help start a nonprofit and turn passion into action. From everyday heroes to business leaders to celebrities, any one person can change our world with the proper tools of passion, persistence, and vision.


DE-STRESS: Learn about world's Problem-Solvers or Passionaries Study Passionary stories. Share your inspiration with others: it changes hearts/gives hope.

Local Examples:

  1. John Van Hengel, founder of Food Banks and Feeding America
  2. Ken Behring, successful businessman and founder of the Wheelchair Foundation.
  3. Nancy Rivard, airline stewardess, who founded Airline Ambassadors
  4. Mimi Silbert, founded and president of Delancey Street
  5. Jim Morgan, chairman of Applied Materials, tackling Nature Conservancy
  6. Jeff Morgan: a Silicone Valley businessman; founded Global Heritage Foundation
  7. Joe Heard, Kiwanis member, work in Romania for orphans/foster children
DE-TOX: Get a new perspective on skyrocketing American giving and volunteering
  1. American giving: went from 100 Billion in 1990 to 300 Billion in 2008
  2. U.S. volunteers now number 62 million, up 1 Million just in 2008
  3. American charities have doubled in the past 10 years to over 1,350,000
  4. Corporate philanthropy is a huge new trend changing the world of nonprofits: 12.7 Billion in 2008
Americans are hard-wired for nobility and as proof-- We are literally changing our world!

DE-PLOY: Find your passion, study the successful role models in your interest area, and get involved. Studies show volunteers of every age are happier, healthier and live longer.

DE-LIGHT: in the ripples you will create When you change your world's perspective, you attract the positive, possibilities, and joy Studies show that those who serve others are happier and healthier


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