More bone fragments found by Garrido home


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Investigators wrapped up another day of intensive searching of Phillip Garrido's property and that of his neighbor. Investigators say they have found bone fragments on both properties, but at this point it is unknown if they are human or animal.

Inch by inch, investigators and evidence technicians on their hands and knees combed the backyard of Phillip Garrido's neighbor, looking for evidence that might be related to the disappearance of two young girls in the late 1980s.

At one point, an investigator pulled the lid off an underground utility box and called others over to look.

"Every piece of evidence that you come across, it's gone through each one of those team members to determine if it has value or does not have value, because you got to understand this yard is piled high with junk," Dublin Police Department spokesperson Lieutenant Kurt von Savoye said.

In Garrido's backyard, teams of workers with chainsaws and shovels spent the day clearing trees and debris. Then, heavy equipment moved in and started tearing down structures.

The renewed interest in Garrido's property comes as police realize there are similarities between the abduction of /*Jaycee Dugard*/ in 1991 and those of /*Michaela Garecht*/ in Hayward in 1988 and /*Ilene Misheloff*/ in Dublin in 1989.

The car Garrido is accused of using to kidnap Dugard -- a grey Ford -- also matches the description vehicles used in the two other unsolved cases. And the suspect sketch in the Garecht case resembles Garrido at the time.

"The investigators have told me that /*Phillip Garrido*/ was a hoarder, that they don't think he's thrown away anything he ever owned, so that gives them some hope that if he ever had something related to Michaela, it still might be there," Michaela Garecht's mother Sharon Murch said.

Police say they are nearly finished with the exterior searches of the properties and removal of debris. They plan to bring in search dogs to help them search the grounds and on Thursday bring in high-tech equipment, including ground penetrating radar. Authorities are also considering dismantling the interior of the Garrido's home.

They have yet to find anything related to Garecht or Misheloff.

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