Massive search at Garrido home ends


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The owners of the home, Philip and /*Nancy Garrido*/, are already accused of abducting /*Jaycee Dugard*/ and keeping her for 18 years.

The exhaustive effort to unearth any evidence went on for eight days. Police from Hayward and Dublin say they did not find anything significant related to their two cases, but they did collect some "items of interest." They say by no means have they ruled out the Garridos in their cases.

'We will walk away from these properties knowing we left no stone unturned," said Lt. Chris Orrey with the Hayward police.

"Although we found nothing that would definitively link Phillip and Nancy Garrido to the disappearance of Ilene Misheloff or the abduction of Michaela Garecht, we're going to continue to follow up on the evidence we have recovered," said Lt. Kurt von Savoye with the Dublin police.

Tuesday started with a last-ditch effort to dig up something related to the disappearance of two Bay Area girls, /*Ilene Misheloff*/ and /*Michaela Garecht*/, twenty years ago. Evidence teams dug and sifted in several places in a neighbor's yard where high-tech radar had detected something unusual.

"We will never have to wonder if we could have or should have because we know that we did," Orrey said.

In recent days, technicians meticulously sifted the dirt in the Garridos' backyard where two specially-trained dogs had alerted for human bones. Police also went through the piles of clothing and other belongings inside the Garridos' main house. In the end, they found nothing of significance.

Late Tuesday, Phillip Garrido's brother Ron went to check on the property as police prepared to leave. Investigators may be done at the Garridos' house, but they say they will not give up trying to find out what happened to Michaela and Ilene.

"Well, I walked back there and I saw the sites that were excavated, and they're a little creepy. They look like graves," said Michaela Garecht's mother /*Sharn Murch*/. "The overwhelming feeling today is really just one of relief that they didn't find Michaela back there."

In the end, police say they took more than 20 truckloads of material and debris to an undisclosed location. They say they may look at some of those items more closely. In the meantime, they will secure the search site and the main house for 24 hours. They left open the possibility that they might want to return and even tear down portions of the house to make sure they have done everything they could.



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