Makeup tips to make you look younger

Surgical procedures can be pricey, and risky. It's easy to turn back the hands of time and reverse the signs of aging with just a few easy makeup tips. Sam can show how to create younger looking skin, lift and open the eyes, create the appearance of thick lashes and brows, and add more definition to the lips, all things that will instantly take years off your look

Make-Up Tips:

1.Choose the Right Base - foundation is key to creating a youthful appearance. Make sure to choose the correct type of coverage to help create a flawless canvas. If you have dryer skin, use a moisturizer and then follow with a liquid foundation. For oily skin, use a cream foundation.

Product: CoverGirl and O lay Simply Ageless Foundation ($15 at drugstores)

2.Stay away from shimmer - Shimmer will bring out and accentu

ate your fine lines and wrinkles as well as the texture and pores on your skin so you need to stay away from it. Bronzer should be matte and placed strategically20on the outer perimeter of the face and used as blush. You want to create a strong matte finish in the center of the face where you are more porous.

Product: Cargo Bronzer in Medium-Matte ($28 at Sephora stores)

3.Don't Play to the Trends - At this age, you are no longer stepping 20 off the runway and wearing the trends you see on the young starlets like bright eye shadow and red lips. You don't need to completely eliminate color, but it needs to be changed to something subtler. For example, this season vibrant shades are in season for eyes and lips. However, you should choose rich plums and olives over bold teals for eyes and rose shades instead of bright reds. If you try to jump off the runwa y, the color will end up wearing you instead of you wearing it.

Product: Iman Cosmetics Duo Luxury Eyeshadows in Safari or African Violet ($8 at Target stores) and YSL Rouge Volupte in French Sensual Silk ($34 at

4.Define the Eyes - A common issue with aging is the l oss of hair. Lashes are sparse, brows are thin so eye and brow liners are your best friend. To create a full brow, start by filling in with pencil to bring back dimension to the face. Groom the eyebrow upwards, then use a pencil in light feathery strokes to mimic real hair. Finish by applying loose powder to set the pencil, as it can run throughout the day as it mixes with your body heat. Eyeliner along the upper l ash line can also help shape the eye and give you a younger appearance.

Product: Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Liner ($5 at ) and Korres Natural Products Eyeliner ($16 at Sephora stores)

5.Love Lip Liner - another sign of aging is the loss of dimension of the lips. A lip liner can really help to bring that back giving the appearance of full lips. Choose a liner two 20shades darker then you're natural lip color and lightly line the lips. Then feather the liner towards the center of the mouth. This will help it to blend effortlessly with your lipstick.

Product: Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner ($5 at )

About Sam Fine:
As the expert responsible for some of the iconic makeup looks on supermodels and actresses such as Iman, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Vanessa Williams, Fine demystifies beauty tricks, debunks beauty myths and empowers women to enjoy the benefits of perfectly applied makeup. Highly recognized for his ability to translate trends, tips and techniques into looks that work for an array of skin tones, it has been his mission to offer women of color a blueprint for creating looks they once thought were beyond their reach.

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