Police searching for suspect after standoff


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It all started just before 1:30 Friday afternoon when a 21-year-old man was shot at the Royal Foods supermarket on Macarthur Boulevard. The victim was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition.

SWAT officers later surrounded a building where they believed the suspect was hiding, then waited for hours. Around 11:30 p.m. they shot tear gas into the building, but it appears nobody was inside.

"Through hours and hours of endless search, we're searching for the suspect. Unfortunately, the search netted negative results," said "We have some information. We have some leads."

Police have not released a suspect description or any other information about the shooting.

The Oakland SWAT team surrounded the apartment building for the second time this year, but this time the team didn't go in.

The standoff is at the same 74th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard apartment building where Oakland SWAT team members Sergeant /*Ervin Romans*/ and Sergeant /*Daniel Sakai*/ were killed in a shootout with /*Lovell Mixon*/ March 21, 2009. The shootout came after Mixon had killed Oakland Police Officer /*John Hege*/ and Sergeant /*Mark Dunakin*/ during a traffic stop earlier that day.

"Because we're personally involved in this apartment complex, there's personal history here. There was a situation that just took place six months ago and we have officers that are still grieving. We have officers that were involved in that situation that are here on scene right now," said Oakland Police spokesman Jeff Thomason.

Police decided to call the Alameda County SWAT team and ask their deputies to take over the stand-off.

"When my staff called and told me what was happening, I got knots in my stomach," said Oakland City Council member Larry Reid.

Reid said he couldn't believe the Oakland SWAT team had been called back to the very building where two officers were shot to death in March. As the chairman of the Public Safety Committee, he has met every officer who was there that day.

"I'm sure they're reliving March 21st all over again in their heads. That's why I think it was a good decision to pull our guys back and let the sheriff's dept deal with it," said Reid.

People who live and work in this area say police definitely seem to be taking this standoff very slowly.

"I think it brings back a lot of memories probably for them, but overall I think everybody's doing a good job. I talked to some officers down there; they can't wait till it's over," said Mia Smith from Oakland.

Oakland police are handling the security around the crime scene and have blocked off MacArthur Boulevard between 73rd and 76th. They've evacuated a few homes and even asked the barber shop to cancel its weekly backyard barbeque.

"Our back is connected to their back, so they don't want nobody in the back in case he runs or comes out," said Mecko Upshur, from Oakland.

The 21 year old that was shot Friday afternoon is in the hospital listed in stable condition.

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