Some parents nervous about swine flu vaccine


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While five companies are busy producing the /*H1N1*/ vaccine, the word out of the centers for disease control is that an ample supply is on its way.

"We know that the new H1N1 vaccine will be available in significant quantities by mid to late October, and we know that some vaccine will be available before then," CDC Director Thomas Frieden said.

While the wait continues, parents have been talking to their children's doctors about the vaccine's safety.

"Just like everything that's new, people are afraid, but I'm very confident that it'll be good," parent Zelia Leal said. Leal is the mother of a two-year-old.

Family pediatrician, Dr. Waldemar Wenner, says life is full of risks. He counsels parents with the best available information.

"My job will be to make sure they've got the information that we have so they can make that decision as best that's appropriate for their child," Wenner said.

Federal officials are also using every news conference to do the same.

"You cannot get the flu from the flu shot, there's no way, it is a killed virus, you can get a sore arm, but you can't get the flu from it," Frieden said.

ABC7 asked parents in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in San Jose if they had concerns about the vaccine. One said she did, while another said the shot was important for everyone's health.

The government will be giving initial vaccine supplies to targeted groups -- including health care workers and those who care for infants.

"We ask people to be patient, to understand that we're getting out vaccine as quickly as possible, and to recognize that there will be times when it's not possible," Frieden said.

In the meantime, parents have a decision to make.

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