Get fit ballet-style

Five tips for lifting safety:

  1. Always bend your legs when lifting (or you can cause back injury!)

  2. Keep your elbows close to your torso as you lift over your head - it gives better leverage and greater stability. (Both going up and coming down.)

  3. Use the "pearl" of your hand - that's the part at the base of your ring finger - to bear most of the weight when lifting. If you use the thumb portion you can bend your thumb back and injury it.

  4. Always know where the center of weight is on the person being lifted, and hold there - or they will tip!

  5. If the liftee starts to tip and come down unplanned, put yourself directly underneath them with your chest (not your head!) and slid them down your chest.
Most important: Make sure you are focused. If you get distracted, everyone can go boom.

About Smuin Ballet:
The Bay Area's own internationally acclaimed dance company, Smuin Ballet, under the direction of Celia Fushille, is back with its rollicking tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes, Fly Me to the Moon. This delightful homage to the songs made famous by Frank Sinatra will headline a program that also includes an eagerly awaited world premiere by Smuin Ballet's acclaimed Choreographer-in-Residence Amy Seiwert entitled Soon These Two Worlds. The bill will also include Michael Smuin's thrilling Medea.

October 2 - October 10, 2009
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
At Bay and Lyon Streets, San Francisco
Learn more:
Phone: 415-556-5000

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