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The 4th Annual West Coast Green Conference is expected to draw between 10,000-14,000 people over three days.

Organizers say it's about bringing together architects, policy makers, inventors -- anyone and everyone involved in the world of building.

"When they first approached me to do this my instinct was mine," said Josiah Caine from Design Ecology.

Caine shared creation of a garden project with a handful of other participants, but he designed the landscape buffer that cleans toxic runoff from the parking lot before it drains into the bay.

"If they're designed right all this water can be absorbed by the landscape and go down into the soils and plans in the soils actually remove a lot of the toxins," said Caine.

Caine's design includes a landscape suspended above the bay, and one floating in the water as well.

"There's actually a very complex microbiology in the soils between the roots and the soils, fungi that are very good at breaking apart the hydrocarbons and a lot of toxins," said Caine.

The Pharox 60 LED light bulb could be coming to a socket near you someday soon thanks to Warner Phillips of Lemnis Lighting. He says the world's first warm light dimmable led will last for 20-25 years, and the six-watt bulb requires 90 percent less energy than its 60-watt incandescent counterpart.

"LED lighting lasts for 20 years if you can manage to deflect the heat out of the product cleverly and that's what this aluminum body is all about," said Phillips.

Priced at $39.95 per bulb, Phillips says it pays for itself in three years when energy savings and replacement of incandescent is taken into account and it's got more green features.

"It doesn't contain any toxic elements like mercury so its fully recyclable, safe," he said.

Right now the bulb is only available at www.mypharox.com. The conference runs through Saturday.

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