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Products featured on the show:

Combo Microwave-Refridge-Freezer--and dual outlet charging station for tech accessories--saves energy and can be plugged into a single 110 outlet--perfect for small apartment, shop, dorm, bedroom, in-law apartment, garage, cabana, game room, den

Schlage Link System
$300 for starter kit
Easy to install home management system--receive text/email alerts when children arrive home--open door with cell phone from anywhere--add on features include wireless camera ($180), thermostat ($150) and more. Available at Radio Shack

Panasonic 360 Quick Iron
Under $50
Makes ironing fun (well, maybe less like work)-- works in all directions--new shape--cuts ironing time by up to 25%--has built in recess to make ironing around buttons easier--steam around total iron area--can also use vertically as steamer--if no motion it automatically shuts off

LifeTone Alarm Clock
Under $180
This alarm clock "listens" for your smoke detector to sound, which triggers its own very loud alarm and bed shaker device. Standard smoke alarm sounds with 3100 Hz--when Lifetone hears that alarm it sounds with 520 Hz Square-wave alarm which has been proven to be most effective in waking people with hearing loss.

Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray Can
This is the first truly easy to use fire extinguisher "spray"--sort of similar to an aerosol can. From First Alert--its effective on fabric, wood, cooking oil and electrical fires--compact and powerful the discharge is 4-times greater than traditional fire extinguishers

FACE OFF CHALLENGE: Electric Toothbrushes

Two electric toothbrushes both around $70 --

Philips Sonicare Essence 5500 Sonic Toothbrush w/Quadpacer


-- Oral-B Pulsonic Toothbrush

Under $100
A strange new electric toothbrush that brushes top-bottom-cheek-and tongue side of teeth--ALL AT THE SAME TIME-- I will demo this

Mouseless Touchscreen PC MSI Wind Top AE 1900
No mouse needed--80% less power than trad PC, never more than 50 watts of power used--super quiet--sleek design

Under $35
No need to clean up your office before going on your webcam--webAround creates a clean neat background for your head shot :)

Gadget Nation: A Journey Through The Eccentric World of Invention
Under $20

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