More violence breaks out on Muni bus


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This was the third incident in a week and the second one to become a YouTube sensation. Police have increased patrols on Muni buses, but some city officials are questioning whether that is going to be enough. The video captured on Bazurto's cell phone could lead to some changes.

"It was just a big crowd and those girls were just going at it," he told ABC7.

RAW VIDEO: Passenger fight on Muni bus

One girl was kicked and punched by another as a passenger tried to break up the beating.

A fight between two women on a Stockton Street-bound bus Wednesday has become an internet sensation. On Monday night, an 18-year-old was attacked on the 9-San Bruno. Police are hoping bus surveillance video leads them to the attacker.

Muni says despite the recent violence, the number of crimes reported to police is actually down from more than 1,100 three years ago, to 943 as of June. Still, others say Muni safety is at risk.

City Supervisor David Campos says, "I think that the fact that we have three incidents in such a short period of time and then at the same time, who knows how many incidents have happened and have not been reproted. That tells us that something needs to happen."

Police say there will now be more uniformed and undercover officers on buses, but Campos wants more specifics.

"It shouldn't be up to the passengers to keep Muni safe and I think that's correct in the sense that the city has to step up to the plate and do what it can," he said.

"If that's going to be happening like that... you never know who has a knife or a gun," Bazurto said. "It's just not safe. Somebody might get hurt."

In this case, Muni officials say the girl who was beaten up was not hurt. She did not go to the hospital following the fight. Police say they will investigate the case if the victim comes forward and cooperates.


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