Keep your house clean with great shortcuts

Lisa Quinn's home maintenance & cleaning short cuts


  • Polishing Silver: Put foil on the bottom of a glass casserole, pour warm water on top of it and then in mix salt. Place the silverware in the solution. The tarnish will evaporate in saltwater after about 3 minutes.

  • Bacon Grease : Get a coffee cup line it with aluminum foil. When you get your bacon grease you just pour it in this cup. Once it gets hard you wad it up and you throw it away.

  • Scissors: Get 3 or 4 pieces of leftover aluminum foil and fold them over in half. Get your scissors and cut through the foil. Do this once a week or once every couple weeks and you can extend the life of your scissors.

  • Dirty Iron: It can remove dirty build up on the bottom of your iron. Simply lay out a piece of foil, shiny side up, and iron it. The buildup sticks to the foil.


  • Fly Trap: Cut out a small piece of duct tape and attach it to a two foot piece of twine. Put a little bit of jelly on the duct tape, hang it and you've got a homemade fly trap.

  • Quick Hems: Turn your pants inside out, fold the bottom up to the desired length and tape them. Use an iron on the bottom crease to make them straight. Do not iron over the tape because the heat will actually make it so sticky that it might ruin them. You can also do this with curtains.

  • Picture Frame Repair: Picture frames that have a little back leg to make them stand up often break. You can use duct tape to reattach the leg to the back. You might need a few pieces depending on how heavy the frame is.

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