Halloween fans party without Bay Bridge


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Halloween always brings out the unexpected, but workers at the Teatro Zinzanni show in San Francisco really were not sure what to expect when they found out the Bay Bridge would be closed on Halloween night.

"We were pleasantly surprised that we didn't get any cancellations. People found their way around it," said manager J.D. Thomas.

With decadent costumes to show off and tickets already purchased, people coming from the East Bay said they would not dream of staying home.

"We were committed to coming. We were just deciding which way we wanted to come," Chris de Guzman of Walnut Creek told ABC7.

The bars in San Francisco count Halloween as one of their biggest nights of the year. But, as nightclub managers geared up for the popular night, they also worried about how the bridge closure would impact the party.

"We were hoping it would open, but hopefully it won't affect business too much," said Rouge nightclub manager Laura Butler.

Every booth at the Rouge nightclub at Polk and Broadway was booked and no one cancelled their $500 bottle service.

"We do have a pretty big East Bay following. Hopefully that's not going to stop people from coming in," Butler said. "Most of our booths are actually booked from out in the East Bay and they're all still coming. So, that's a good sign."

Over in the Castro, it is largely seen as good news that the bridge is closed.

"Oh we think it's great," said Sharon Stoned laughingly. "It keeps all the riff-raff out of our city."

People from the East Bay still found a way to the neighborhood known for being especially festive on Halloween.

"I heard it be crackin' over here in Castro every year even though it's gay central," Lou Perry of Pittsburg told ABC7. "A lot of stuff happens on Castro every year."

But, police and partiers agreed, it looked like there were fewer people there than usual.

"In a way it's nice because it's less people out. But, at the same time, it defeats the purpose of Halloween and everyone getting out and everyone checking out everyone's costume," said Bez Shafiebeik.

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