Spencer's wine tour: Spring Mtn. Vineyard

Wines featured:

Spring Mountain Vineyard 2007 Sauvignon Blanc
Retail Price: $35
Wine Club Price: $28

Spring Mountain Vineyard 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
Retail Price: $60
Wine Club Price: $48

Spring Mountain Vineyard 2005 Elivette
Retail Price: $100
Wine Club Price: $80

Spring Mountain Vineyard's sustainable practices:

  • Over 600 bluebird houses have been built and installed in the vineyards
  • Gobelet vine training - Vines resemble wine goblets
  • Sheep graze to reduce Springtime weeds in vine rows

Decanting tips:

  • Decanting is essential for best enjoyment of wines
  • For young wines, decanting can be as simple as splashing the wine vigorously into a glass water pitcher, then using a funnel to put the wine back into the bottle. This introduces air into the wine and releases aromas and flavors
  • For older more delicate wines, decanting serves two purposes: 1) to separate the wine from the sediment and 2) to aerate and release the bouquet

About Spring Mountain Vineyard: It is an 845 acre estate on the eastern slopes and lower half of Spring Mountain. It extends from 400 feet above sea level to about 1450 feet at the top of the property. There are about 135 different vineyard blocks scattered over the estate totaling 226 acres. Each has a different elevation, soil, and exposure to the elements and each block produces something unique. This great diversity of steep hillside plantings is the source of consistent, powerful, and distinctive red wines.

Spring Mountain Vineyard
2805 Spring Mountain Road
St. Helena, California 94574-1775
website: www.springmtn.com

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