Table tips for parties


Even Hungry Lions Have To Wait (p. 9)
Begin - ready - go! Start to eat just as soon as everyone at your table has been served their plate - not sooner. As tempting as it is….just like waiting for everyone to be served before you start to eat your main meal… also wait for everyone to receive their dessert before you begin eating that too.

Who Does The Stooping? (p. 13)
Dropping a utensil or food on the floor happens. When dining out, leave it there, and the waiter will pick it up later. Meanwhile, ask for a replacement utensil.

Some Things Are Just Not Fair (p. 21)
Hats off to gentlemen! No hats at the table for boys. Girls, you get to keep them on ( no need to dismantle a good fashion statement, Ladies).

Knives Go To New Hampshire (p. 26)
When it's time for the knife to take a rest, place it on the upper right corner - northeast side - of your dinner plate.

Lipstick Application Is An Art (p. 29)
Take your tools to the powder room and 'paint' there - not at the table.

The Napkin Has Three Lives (p. 33)
Napkins go on your lap right away - just as soon as you sit down on your chair. Napkins get to sit on your chair and wait for you there (not on the table) if you need to leave for a moment during the meal. Neatly place your napkin back on the table when you are finally finished with your meal, and ready to go. ( It started on the table, and it ends on the table.)

The Great Escape Of The Olive Pit (p.35)
Olive pits, cherry pits or anything that surprises you and you don't want in your mouth, gets carried out of your mouth by a fork or spoon, and quietly put on the edge of your plate. No comment about it, pleeze !

When Cups Do Sumersaults (p. 51)
When you don't want a beverage, just say 'no thank you'. No need to 'flip' your cup or glass upside down, like it's doing a summersault.

Tips taken from Louise's book, "You've Got Manners! ~ Table Tips From A to Z For Kids of All Ages"

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