2 injured in jewelry store shooting


It happened inside the Alamo Jewelry Mart at around 7:15 p.m. The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Deputies were at the scene late on Thursday night, trying to figure out what happened.

What they do know is that the suspect walked into the store and tried to rob the place. He was armed, but so was the 53-year-old store employee. Both shot and hit each other. The victim, who is the employee, was shot in the chest and managed to get out of the store to an awaiting ambulance. However, the 50-year-old suspect did not.

"The suspect was holed up inside the store where he was threatening his own life, he was pointing his weapon at head, threatening to harm himself. Some of our deputy sheriffs were able to talk to him to negotiate with him and about an hour later got him to surrender," said Contra Costa Sheriff's Deputy Jimmy Lee.

The suspect was taken out of the store on a stretcher and then rushed to John Muir Medical Center as well.

After that, deputies got their first look inside the jewelry store. They went in with dogs and gathered evidence. It is still not clear how many shots were fired or how many times each person was hit, but deputies do know that handguns were used by both men.

The victim is listed in stable condition, while the suspect is still being evaluated.

Authorities have still not released their names.

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