49ers suffer tough loss against Seattle

In football, you never know which play will turn the game around or be the game winner. So you have to finish every single play.

For instance, the 49ers were up 7-0 in the 1st quarter. There was no need for trickery on the punt return so early in the game. They fumble, Seattle recovers and scores to tie the game for a 14 point swing.

When the 49ers were driving again, the game was tied at 14, and Frank Gore fumbles, Seattle gets a field goal and then leads the game by 3. There were 10 points off turnovers.

Vernon Davis had a great game, but when the 49ers were down 3, he dropped the touchdown pass. The 49ers would have been up 4. Instead, they get a field goal to tie game, eventually leading to and 49ers loss.

You got to finish every play.

"When the opportunities are there to make plays, and you don't make those plays, it's very frustrating. It's frustrating for the players, frustrating for the coaches, because you know making the play, makes a difference, but I think the bottom line is when you lose these games, no matter how you lose them, it's frustrating," said head coach Mike Singletary.

Seattle basically knocked the 49ers out of the playoffs.

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