Oakland unveils possible sites for new A's stadium


Thursday, Mayor /*Ron Dellums*/ identified four potential sites for a new stadium. Three of them are in the downtown area, the other at the /*Oakland Coliseum*/ where the team plays now.

"Come, stay in Oakland," said Dellums who is now leading the charge to keep the A's in Oakland. "We support you. We want you to be successful. We have made significant contributions to the economic development and viability of Oakland."

The mayor unveiled three waterfront sites for a new ballpark, the same sites presented to a special /*Major League Baseball*/ task force and commissioner Bud Selig.

"We're here to show Oakland and residents of Oakland and A's fans that we are fighting to keep the Oakland A's in Oakland," said Jane Brunner with the City Council.

The sites include Howard Terminal area near the /*Port of Oakland*/, north Jack London Square between Jefferson and Market streets and the Victory Court area near the Lake Merritt Channel. The location of the current coliseum is also still in play.

City leaders claim the project would bring new jobs and revenue without using general fund dollars. Oakland would donate land and provide parking and infrastructure.

"Oakland's a funny case. With what they went through with the /*Raiders*/, you think maybe they'd learn about these things," said Stephen Shmanske, a sports economist at Cal State East Bay. "The benefits of these projects go to the players and the owners. The proposed benefits to the taxpayers and the citizens simply don't pan out."

For his part, A's co-owner /*Lew Wolff*/ has said emphatically he has no desire to keep the team in Oakland. After a Fremont deal fell through, Wolff is now looking to San Jose. The interest is mutual.

"I don't blame Mayor Dellums and the city of /*Oakland*/ for wanting to keep the A's. They're a great asset to the city. Unfortunately, they have been unable to satisfy the needs of the Oakland A's," said San Jose Mayor /*Chuck Reed*/.

In response to the press conference from Dellums, the A's released a short statement saying the team would have no comment until after the league and the commissioner release their findings sometime next year.

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