Muni stabbing suspect has extensive criminal past


District Attorney /*Kamala Harris*/ says the latest victim is a 41-year-old woman who was riding the N-Judah line in May. Harris says the woman has identified Brown in a police lineup.

Brown's career of crime started when he was arrested at age 19 for burglary. After that, it was one run-in after another with the law.

Brown has been arrested more than two dozen times in the past 11 years. He has been arrested in four counties for theft, burglary, drugs, attempted murder, assault with a firearm and a knife and various other crimes.

He has seven potential strikes under California's Three Strikes Law. However, he kept weaving his way in and out of the justice system.

"Apparently nobody in the criminal justice system, whether it be a district attorney or a judge or anybody at any point finally said, 'Hey look, this guy is a big problem. He needs to go away,'" said Gary Delagnes, Police Officers Association president.

It was only after his tenth arrest in 1999 that a judge sentenced him to 120 days in jail. He was charged with attempted murder but pleaded to the lesser charge of assault with a firearm. Brown was released early. He was arrested six more times until 2001 when he was finally sentenced to San Quentin for three years. He was released on parole the next year.

He continued getting arrested, but with no new prison time.

"I think there were four additional felonies where instead of adding on to the three years, they simply said finish the three years. This is crazy," said Delagnes.

In July of last year, Brown was arrested at Union Square for drugs and carrying a switchblade. The judge dismissed the case, saying it was an illegal arrest and an improper search even though the officer says he looked for the knife only after Brown told him he had one.

"He should have been in jail for a long time," said Abdul Mansori, the older brother of 11-year-old Hatim who was stabbed on a /*Muni*/ bus two months ago. He believes nothing would have happened to Hatim if Brown had been put away a long time ago.

"That's the system. They could have done something about it which put him in jail for the time he deserves to be in there," he said.

Brown will be arraigned at the Hall of Justice Friday morning and charged with 18 felonies.

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