Former NFL star Herschel Walker praises Singletary

"I think Mike Singletary is one of the finest coaches in the NFL and right now it's funny because before he was hired here, I was talking to Jerry Jones about hiring him before they hired Wade Phillips for the Cowboys," said Walker. "The guy is an incredible leader and when you got a leader like that, you got to put out good results. I had a good leader under Tom Landry. You know, Mike Singletary reminds me of that. He's a guy that's not building football players, but building men."

Building his body into a martial arts machine is Walker's new goal. He's a man who never lifted weights. He chiseled his body with an absurd 2,500 sit ups and 1,600 pushups per day. At 47 he's a genetic marvel. Walker's message to kids is simple: success begins with hard work.

"You can do anything you want to do if you're willing to work. If you're willing to work at it... don't cheat. You know, today you have guys taken steroids, taking all these drugs, and I think that's a shame. I'm living proof that if you work hard, that you live a clean life -- you know, you may not be the Herschel Walkers, the Tony Dorsetts, the Mike Singletarys -- you might not be those guys, but you can be the best you can be," said Walker.

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