Replace the "naughty" food with "nice" food


But on Monday, nutrition experts at the St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco offered some suggestions on how to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight. They broke into categories: naughty food versus nice food.

"Not to say that you can't have the bad foods per say, it's just you need to choose wisely and have a few bites of the naughty food and choose more of the nice food," said Deirdre Heisinger from food and nutrition services.

Here are some suggestions to substitute some of the naughty foods with nicer foods.

  • Instead of having Egg Nog, 350 calories, drink low fat hot chocolate, which is only 120 calories.
  • Instead of having crab cakes, 400 calories, have shrimp cocktail at 165 calories per dozen.
  • Instead of a baked potato with butter and sour cream, 400 calories, have half a cup of roasted red potatoes, which has just 100 calories.

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