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Show topic: Adoption

December 20, 2009
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

This week's episode of "Beyond the Headlines" examines the topic of adoption, where more than a hundred thousand infants, children and teens across the country are in need of a permanent loving home.

Many individuals and couples consider adopting children through open adoption, closed adoption, international adoption, and through the United States foster care system.

According to the Bay Area Heart Gallery:

  • There are more than 500,000 children and older youth in foster care in the United States.
  • More than 83,000 are in California.
  • 54% of foster care children re-unite with families.
  • Nearly half of the children in foster care are over 10-years-old.

According to Black Adoption Placement and Research Center:

  • California leads all states with more than 100,000 children in out-of-home placements.
  • In San Francisco and Alameda County, 66% of the waiting children are African-American.
  • Older children are less likely to be adopted.

Studio Guests:
Jed Somit
Board Member, Open Path

Robin Luckett
Division Director, Alameda County Social Services Agency

Lynne Fingerman
Co-Director, Adoption Connection

Rachel Breuer
International Program Manager, Adoption Connection

Additional Resources
Dial 2-1-1 for local social service resources

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