Google to sell Nexus One, a 'super' mobile phone

January 5, 2010 7:01:15 PM PST
Google is putting pressure on mobile phone makers and carriers to raise the bar. The Mountain View search engine company took the wraps off its new Nexus One phone Tuesday. It is expected change how mobile phones will be sold and what they can do.

Google says its new mobile device ushers in a new era for smart phones. It calls the Nexus One the first super phone.

"Wow, I mean this thing is fast. It's very fast. It's very sleek. I have a Droid, which is a much heavier device," said David Needle of "This is light in the hand and very snappy. I'm very impressed by it."

A fast, 1GHz processor puts the Nexus One closer to the speed of a laptop or desktop computer. Graphics have a 3D look. Plus, Google thinks it has a reliable voice recognition software that replaces text entry.

"Speak my query to Google and it will actually run a Google search behind the scenes," explained Jacob Hesch with the Google Nexus One team.

Google will sell its phone at its new online store. It was designed by HTC to take advantage of the newest version of Google's Android mobile operating system. Verizon will soon join T-Mobile to offer the phone. However, you can also buy it without a service contract.

"What Google did was take part of the play from Apple's book and sort of own the customer, make the carrier a little less relevant to the conversation, and put their partners on notice saying, 'If you want to stand next to us, well, this is what the bar looks like. Now jump over it,'" said technology analyst Michael Gartenberg.

Analysts do not think Google is going to war with Apple. It just wants speed up getting innovation to consumers.

"After all, Google is still the default search engine on the iPhone," said Charles Golvin with Forrester Research. "Google Maps is the mapping application, at least today. Google gets a lot of benefit from iPhone as a platform."

The Google team has already put in a lot of work into the Nexus One, and from the look of things, they will be doing a lot more work in the near future.

In the meantime, we will be testing the Nexus One and posting updates in the near future on the Moneyscope page.