Inexpensive winter cleaning tips

January 5, 2010 4:11:39 PM PST
Inexpensive tips and gadgets that will help you clean your house for winter. Plus, advice on how to get the rest of the family involved.

Jessica's Winter Cleaning Tips:

  1. Spilled Glitter: By now, there is most likely glitter throughout the house, on furniture and embedded into the carpet. To help, first, grab a vacuum and get up as much as you can.

    Then, to make sure you get it all out of tight corners and in between the floor boards, head to the toy chest and grab the play dough, which glitter will cling to as you roll the dough over it (Bonus - glitter dough for the kids!). Adhesive tape also works well.

    Suggested Cleaning Tools: LiNX Stick Vac, Play Dough, Masking Tape

  2. Dust as You Go: When taking down decorations, grab a one- to two-inch thick paintbrush and use it to dust away any areas that seem neglected. This is great for hard to reach spots. Or, instead of a rag, use an old sock like a puppet - just spray it with water or cleaner and dust as you decorate!

    Suggested Cleaning Tools: Sock, Paint Brush

  3. Smells Set the Tone: Put a pot of sliced apples, cinnamon sticks and water on the stove to simmer. While entertaining in January when it's still cold out, enjoy a home filled with an inviting, aroma.

    Suggested Cleaning Tools: Slices Apples, Cinnamon Sticks and Bowl, Water, Pot or Pan to Heat on Stove

  4. Silver Polish PDQ: It's great to use grandma's silver and antique ornaments, but what a pain to get the tarnish off. Didn't get a chance to polish to perfection before your guests arrived? A great way to get ahead of the game for next year is to polish before you put the silver away.

    Take a page from jewelry makers and use this recipe: line the bottom of a sauce pan with foil and add enough water to cover the tarnished pieces. Sprinkle baking soda onto the water and bring to a simmer. Put the pieces into the boiling water and voila - the tarnish disappears.

    Suggested Cleaning Tools: Baking Soda, Silver Spoon, Foil, Casserole Dish, Water

  5. Tinsel Town: Pretty and sparkly, this stuff is great but sticks to everything! Try using a lint roller or even a hair brush to pick it up and off your carpeting or couch. Or, have some fun with the kids and put double stick tape on their socks and let them dance around! And of course, grab a vacuum to get the rest up.

    Suggested Cleaning Tools: Lint Roller, Hair Brush and Masking Tape

  6. Time for Truly Clean: After all the holiday guests have gone home and the tinsel has been taken down, it's time to get the house truly clean. Jessica's top choice among vacuums is the Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner because it utilizes hot water and detergent to lift debris from carpet fibers that sometimes can't be removed by regular vacuuming.

    Suggested Cleaning Tools: Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner
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