Organizers say no Mavericks this weekend

January 8, 2010 6:05:49 PM PST
Surfers hoping to compete in the annual Mavericks Surf Contest at Half Moon Bay voted Thursday night not to launch the competition this weekend, but they are tracking swells that could produce large waves next week, an event organizer said.

The swells could cause 20- to 30-foot waves between Tuesday and Thursday of next week if the weather cooperates, contest co-director Katherine Clark said.

Twenty-four elite surfers from around the world are invited to participate in the contest each year. This year, the contestants will choose the event's exact date 24 hours in advance.

The decision is based upon incoming swells and weather patterns. "We are totally on the edge of our seats and ready to jump when the guys vote 'yes,'" Clark said. "But they want to have a really good event - not just have an event to have an event."

This year's contest window began Nov. 1 and will end in March.

"We just need all the pieces to fall into place," Clark said.

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