Future of video games unveiled at CES in Las Vegas

January 10, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Richard Hart got a chance to test drive some of the videogame innovations unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this weekend.

What's this? An iPhone app attachment?

And this? Aren't those headphones a little low?

And isn't that hand a little high to be typing on the keyboard?

They are all upcoming gaming innovations.

Speaking about his gloved keyboard, the Peregrine, Pu Liu says, "It's basically a keyboard wrapped around your hand. It plugs into your USB on your computer. Just like pressing a key down on your keyboard, except it's very simple. All you do is touch different parts of your hand."

The Peregrine glove will be available by March for about $140. Initially, it's targeted at World of Warcraft and other videogames. But, "It can be used for Photoshop, drafting," says Liu. "Even word processing. We get comments about Minority Report, we get Power Glove and we also get Michael Jackson!"

The KOR-fx is no joke. From a company called Immerz, it is designed to enhance videogame play by acting as giant headphones for your entire body.

It's tactile feedback for what's going on in a game. For instance, wearing it, I can feel the rumbling of the engine. I can feel the acceleration, and hitting the wall -- all through the collarbone. You can even attach it to your mobile phone or TV, to experience the crashing and smashing in an action flick. Around $190 on pre-order.

Just a few of the things shaking up the videogame industry this spring, like a bolt out of the blue.