Monitor problem gets speedy fix with 7 On Your Side

February 19, 2010 6:40:10 PM PST
7 On Your Side solves consumer complaints every day. Some take weeks and months of work, others hit the fast track.

When an expensive computer monitor went bad, our consumer went to work. But it seems no matter what he or the company did, the problem just would not be solved.

"I actually build computers as a hobby, fast computers," David Bowen said.

Retired after 30 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Bowen knows computers and computer monitors.

"It was a really nice monitor 30-inch Samsung Syncmaster. It had everything I wanted. It was expensive, but it failed in 10 months," he said.

Bowen says Samsung was wonderful telling him to send in the monitor at the company's expense, and he would be reimbursed the $1,200 he spent on the unit.

He sent the monitor but the company never would send the check. He called every week, this went on for months.

"I watched you [Michael Finney] on 7 On Your Side, seen it for years and seen your success," Bowen said.

He emailed his complaint and things started moving fast.

"Less than 48 hours, there was an overnight check delivered from New Jersey for the full amount. I was completely awestruck. I couldn't believe that in 48 hours 7 On Your Side could pull that off," he said.

Samsung was wonderful to 7 On Your Side as well writing: "Samsung is committed to providing the best customer experience possible from purchase to service. Unfortunately Mr. Bowen's refund is not the best example of this commitment."

"7 On Your Side is kind of magical I think," Bowen said.