Store clerk fatally shoots man in Oakland

February 19, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
A man was shot and killed at convenience store.

In East Oakland police say a convenience store clerk shot and killed a man.

On MacArthur Boulevard and 77th Avenue around 7 p.m. some incident occurred that caused displays and merchandise to be knocked onto the floor.

However, the man who was shot was found around the corner from the store.

The clerk used the store owner's gun.

The owner, Mike, says he just stepped out before the shooting happened and left his gun behind the counter.

Police are taking to the clerk of the store to figure out why he shot the man.

"It's just for everybody's safety. I mean, nobody carries any weapons here to hurt anybody or anything like that, you know," says Mike.

When asked how he was feeling he replies "Shaky. This is not normal. This is not an everyday thing." Mike says he has not been able to speak to the clerk since the incident.

Police are questioning the clerk at the police station and say it is too early to say if the clerk will face charges or what they would be. Their first step is trying to see if the man who got shot, was trying to rob the store or not. They did not say if he was armed.