4 yoga moves to get you rejuvenated

Yoga Exercises:

Cat & Cow: on all fours on the floor - wrists directly under shoulders - exhale & arch your back up like a cat , inhale coming back to back in neutral, exhale & arch your back down like a cow's back. Go back & forth between the two a few times.

Crescent Moon: lie on your back on the floor with your hands up over your head. Exhale and inch your hands & upper body to the right as you inch your feet & legs over to the right as well making this shape ( Breathe for a few counts. Then do it to the left ). This stretches your sides, creating space between your ribs, opening your breathing.

Shoulder stretch: Standing pull hands slowly up to chest level, turn them outwards facing away from your body, push the out & wide around your back, clasp them, bend over slowly and raise hands & arms up above back, in the direction your were facing, stretching the chest and shoulders open.

Downward Dog: Lying face down, push up to form an inverted V shape, pushing back with arms & shoulders, lifting your bum back & up. Stretches backs of legs, strengthens arms, shoulders, back.

About Paul Reynolds: Donning shorts and stepping onto the mat as a Yoga Instructor, Paul is well known for his "Eclectic Vinyasa" style of Hatha yoga. Paul blends his own intuitive outlook, with established forms to afford the beginning student a safe introduction to the art form and provides opportunities for the continuing yoga student to deepen their practice. In addition to his yoga teachings Paul is an accomplished cartoonist and writer who, after meeting the love of his life, moved from Half Moon Bay to Kauai four years ago and has been guiding and inspiring residents and guests with his unique style ever since.

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Perfect Moments in the Islands of Hawai'i
You know them when you see them, when you feel them, and especially, when you play a starring role in them - those instants in time when something or someone stops you dead in your tracks and you're overcome with a sense of wonder and blessed with the joy of discovery. We call them, perfect moments, though they tend to last a lifetime, and it probably won't surprise you to learn that you'll experience more of them in the Islands of Hawai'i than anywhere else on earth.

A perfect moment in Hawai'i can be standing on a charter boat off Hawai'i's Big Island, feeling the warm glow of a volcano as it pours new life into the sea; unearthing the secrets of the magical Nâpali Coast from a helicopter above the Island of Kaua'i; watching humpback whales frolic in the warm, tropical waters off the coast of Maui; swimming with dolphins in the clear waters of Lâna'i's Mânele Bay; riding a mule down the world's highest sea cliffs on the Island of Moloka'i; or riding gentle surf within sight of Waikîkî's towering sand castles on the Island of O'ahu.

Moment to moment, a Hawai'i vacation promises to release you from the ordinary and reintroduce you to the basic necessities of renewal: fresh air, warm sunshine, crystal water, good food, smiling faces, all the treasures of the earth in abundance, and the time to enjoy them all. For more information, please visit http://www.gohawaii.com.

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