Meg Whitman talks to ABC7 at GOP convention


At the state Republican Convention in Santa Clara, ABC7 was one of the few members of the media that got the chance to sit down with her and talk.

She promises there will be more interviews with the media now that the election is less than three months away. She says she knows she has been criticized for not talking to the media, or not being available enough, but she says she has done 200 interviews. Still fresh in people's minds, was a recent incident this week in Oakland where she says it was just a bad day on the campaign.

"There's always going to be some issue with the campaign," said Meg Whitman.

Whitman sat down with ABC7 for a one-on-one interview Friday night and said she is not trying to dodge the media. The Republican gubernatorial candidate took a lot of heat this week for inviting reporters to an event in Oakland and then refusing to answer their questions.

"Well, Wednesday or Tuesday wasn't perfect. You know sometimes on the campaign trail you have a good day when everything executes like it's supposed to and it wasn't a good day. I mean, I should have leapt across that table and I should have done that press avail," said Whitman.

ABC7 also took the opportunity to ask her about accusations that she is trying to buy the job. Whitman has donated $39 million of her own money to her campaign.

"I don't think you can buy elections and I think voters are really smart. I think they will look at the candidates, my job is to get out the message," said Whitman.

Friday night was Whitman's night. She was the featured guest at the convention's banquet dinner and brought along her mentor, Mitt Romney, to introduce her.

"I am hoping that his endorsement this year will help me with my current job interview, and that is to be your governor," said Whitman.

Still, her opponent, Steve Poizner, held his own press conference right before Friday night's dinner. He will be the featured speaker Saturday night. He says he is not worried about Whitman's money or friends.

"It doesn't really matter some of these out of state people that she might be able to bring in. I'm going to stand on my own and communicate my vision for the state of California," said Poizner.

Delegates will hear both of them hammer home three major points.

"I want to cut taxes across the board, I want to stop tax payer-funded benefits for illegals, and I want to end government funding of abortions," said Poizner.

"I want to keep and create jobs in California, I want to cut spending, and I want to fix our K-12 education system," said Whitman.

Some of the undecided delegates said they hope to make up their minds this weekend.

"Dang, it's really hard, but either way whichever one of them wins we're going to better off in the state of California," said delegate Doris Gentry.

Also on Saturday, members of the Tea Party will be showing up. Some delegates are excited to hear they are coming and want to hear what they have to say. They say it should be interesting.

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