Affordable green gadgets

Green gadgets featured in the segment:

Heat Surge Fireplace Price: Under $400 By Zone Heating The room you are in you can easily lower the whole thermostat setting by at least 5-degrees-- lowering your heating bill by 15%

Starting in 2012 incandescent bulbs will no longer be allowed to be sold in the U.S.

LG LED E50 Series 23-inch Full 1080p
Price: $330
No Halogen/Mercury and uses up to 45% less power than most monitors --first product to earn UL Environment's new Sustainable Product Certification (SPC) for high tech equipment.

Price: $5-10
Non-toxic and biodegradable, this claylike material is perfect for cleaning tech equipment and as opposed to compressed air sprays-- actually removes the dirt and its better for the environment.

USB EcoStrip 2.0
Price: $45
This surge protecting power strip plugs into the wall and has a USB plug that goes into your computer's USB port-- when you turn off the computer, you automatically turn off all of the peripherals (printers, speakers, monitors etc.)

Timex Men's Ironman Solar Power 50-Lap Grey Strap Watch
Price: Under $75
Buzzillions Face-Off --Two popular Solar Watches Face Off. Which did consumers love and which one did they have issues with?

Casio GW530A-1V Black G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch with a Resin Band
Price: Under $60

EverClear Drain
Price: $20
Designed to chop the hair that normally clogs your drain. Eliminates the need for toxic drain cleaning chemicals--and the trucks needed to ship those chemicals cross country

YoGen Handheld Charger
Price: $40
Pull the string and charge your cell phone, iPod or any tech toy

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