Best apps for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch

"I surveyed the Good Housekeeping Research Institute staff and asked all them to tell me their top picks. I then researched and went into them in a little more depth," said Good Housekeeping's Rachel Rothman.

The favorite among the Good Housekeeping staff is one called Save Benjis.

"Save Benjis uses which has a database of over 40 million products," said Rothman.

For getting organized, try Evernote.

"Whether you're a mom-on-the go, a businessman, or a student, it's great for keeping track of things," said Rothman.

New parents may want to try Baby Activity Logger. It will log your child's sleep habits, their eating patterns, and keep track of diaper changes.

Exercise enthusiasts might like the THI Personal Trainer. You can log your information and it will give you feedback in the reports section. THI Trainer will even show you how to do an exercise.

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