7 On Your Side Special

Stories featured in this 7 On Your Side special (airdate: Sunday, April 11, 2010):

Michael Finney looks at the tax hit you could take if credit card companies forgive your debt.

>> FULL STORY: Credit card debt forgiveness comes at a price

When less salt is really more. 7 On Your Side blows the lid on faulty soup labels.

>> FULL STORY: Soup label conundrum: Less is sometimes more

A Livermore woman turned to 7 On Your Side when she couldn't make her father's dying wish come true.

>> FULL STORY: Collecting unclaimed can be an ordeal

An ingenuous product could bring some peace of mind and possibly reunite parents with their children.

>> FULL STORY: Temporary tattoos could reunite parents, kids

7 On Your Side has tips on how to shop smart and save big bucks on over-the-counter cough and cold medicines.

>> FULL STORY: Finding the best drugstore deals

If everyone loves their Snuggie so much, why are there complaints? 7 On Your Side investigates.

>> FULL STORY: Complaints over Snuggie ordering process

The best day to fly for price: Wednesday. Best day for no delays: Saturday. Best time of day here.

>> BLOG ENTRY: Best days to fly

What will you do with your tax refund? Here are your 5 best moves.

>> BLOG ENTRY: 5 best uses of your tax refund

Hotels are king at nickel and diming their guests. Here are the latest "gotcha" fees.

>> BLOG ENTRY: Nickel and diming hotel guests

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