Cross-country bike ride calls attention to brain cancer


With one last hug from her loving daughter, Anne Feeley is about to start a cross-country bike ride -- San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Feeley is planning the ride to raise awareness about the great need for more research into brain cancer.

"Now that so many cancers that were very deadly have been brought under control, we just feel it's our turn," she said.

Feeley has brain cancer; the same type that killed Sen. Edward Kennedy.

"If you think he, with the ability to have great medical care, only lasted 16 months, so much needs to be changed," Feeley said.

Feeley has now survived four years with cancer, beating doctors' expectations.

She is hoping to raise $3 million for research, some of which will go to the UC San Francisco Brain Tumor Center.

Feeley is riding cross country with a friend. The two got a big send-off for the start of their trip Friday from other cancer survivors riding along side.

"There is an enormous amount of work to be done; the brain is really a frontier we are just beginning to understand," cancer survivor Winnie Homer-Smith said.

The ride will take more than three months. Feeley is calling her ride "Brains on Bikes."

Written and produced by Jennifer Olney

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