What it takes to be a 'Mommy PI'


About Christopher Butler:

Christopher Butler is a former law enforcement officer (1986-1997) with a background in narcotics, S.W.A.T., and high-crime district special assignments. His creative, cutting-edge methods of investigating and arresting criminals, coupled with an intense work ethic, was lauded by prosecutors as extremely effective.

Law enforcement administration often had trouble understanding his tactics and drive, as they were well above the standards of routine performance. Christopher now brings those same tactics, drive, and creativity to the private sector. In 1996, prior to leaving law enforcement, he established an investigative relationship with former F.B.I. Special Agent Charles Latting.

Mr. Latting introduced Christopher to countless former F.B.I. and Secret Service agents throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1998, Christopher has designed and implemented strategies for both domestic and international undercover sting cases, high-profile infidelity matters, and internal espionage incidents.

He has provided personal bodyguard services to many Hollywood celebrities, international billionaires, corporate CEO's, and their respective families.

He has developed and conducted security strategies regarding proprietary information for multiple national corporations. Christopher is a philosophy major with a minor in psychology.

About Michelle Allen:

Investigator Michelle Allen an experienced "PI-mom" with two children, studied acting at the University of Southern California, attended the Julliard School in NYC, and studied under Robert X. Modica at Carnegie Hall.

Coupled with several years of working for Greenpeace, Michelle possesses a strong background in character creation, surveillance, and undercover operations. Michelle is currently assigned to direct or assist with staffing, strategizing and directing undercover sting assignments.

About Denise Antoon:

Investigator Denise Antoon is a graduate of the University of North Carolina (B.A., Criminal Justice), McGeorge School of Law (Juris Doctorate), and Capella University (M.S., Human Services).

A "PI-mom" with three children, she is currently assigned to surveillance, undercover operations, background research, mystery shopping, and fraud investigations.

Formerly the Director of Human Resources for a Washington domestic violence program, Denise also served as Director of Operations for a nationally-recognized jury analysis and selection firm.

She is an adjunct professor at several universities, currently teaching criminal justice courses. Denise is currently serving on the licensing committee of C.A.L.I. and is an affiliate member.

About Charmagne Peters:

Investigator Charmagne Peters is a 1993 graduate of the University of California, Davis, earning a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric & Communications.

A "PI-mom" with two children, Charmagne is currently assigned to surveillance, undercover sting operations, background research, and infidelity cases. Charmagne also coordinates, schedules, and performs all undercover decoy interviews. Charmagne is an affiliate member of C.A.L.I.

About Undercover Mothers: Butler & Associates' "P.I. Moms" Won't Scold but They Might Sting:

Nationally recognized private investigation firm, Butler & Associates, goes undercover with their highly trained and intuitive "P.I. Moms."

These impressive women may be making PB&J and warming bottles by day, but after dinner it's time for Chris Butler, a former law enforcement officer who started the company with former F.B.I. special agent, Chuck Latting, and the moms who double as private investigators to exercise their skills at creatively approaching undercover stings and investigations.

Chris and his "Angels" are situated in the San Francisco Bay area, but regularly cover cases nationally as well as internationally.

Current statistics show that 25-75 percent of men and 15-60 percent of women have had an affair. Specializing in a wide variety of cases from complex undercover stings to "honeytrapping," Butler & Associates' P.I. Moms work with top technology to reveal whether or not a person's suspicions of their significant other's loyalties are true. P.I. Moms also provide services in GPS tracking devices, worker's compensation issues, hidden cameras, child custody battles, divorce issues, computer forensics, bodyguards, and security.

"It's unconventional, it's unexpected. We do something new almost every day. But there are a lot of drawbacks to the job, and it's definitely not for everyone."

"Most people have no idea what private investigators really do," says P.I. Mom, Charmagne Peters. "They think of James Bond or the Thomas Crown Affair and think: we're going to solve a case, and we're going to do it in heels, and we're going to be glamorous, wonderful and successful. But sitting in a car all day on surveillance is not my idea of glamour."

Not your average homemakers, these women are highly-educated within their field and tough as nails. Coming from various backgrounds including acting, criminal justice, linguistics, and communications, combined with their innate maternal instinct, a P.I. Mom is the obvious choice for the job.

These moms are certified protection specialists, they have completed the P.O.S.T. weapons course, are Emergency Vehicle/ Vehicle Dynamics certified, First Aid and AED certified, and participate in an ongoing fitness and self-defense program. Compared to a conventional 9 to 5, being a P.I. is very exciting," says Charmagne.

"It's unconventional, it's unexpected. We do something new almost every day. But there are a lot of drawbacks to the job, and it's definitely not for everyone."

When leaving for a case, these stealth moms have to kiss their families goodbye and leave the laundry to Dad, but when they return home there is nothing more rewarding than the welcoming arms of their proud children. Butler & Associates Private Investigations is located in Walnut Creek in San Francisco's Bay Area.

They are members of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the Professional Investigators of California, the 100 Club of Contra Costa County, and the California Association of Workplace Investigators.

About Butler & Associates: A Full-Service Private Investigations Agency:

Butler & Associates Private Investigations, a nationally-recognized, full service private investigations agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was founded by former F.B.I. Special Agent Charles Latting in 1996.

Originally known as Corporate Intelligence Resources, the firm specialized in performing undercover corporate work and research for corporations and businesses throughout California. Licensed private investigator Christopher Butler worked for Mr. Latting from 1998 through 2002 and became owner of the firm in 2002.

While continuing to provide in-depth investigations and covert personnel for workplace problems, Butler & Associates also provides outstanding surveillance, security, and undercover sting services to a vast array of clientele.

One unique aspect of Butler & Associates is what the media has dubbed the "PI-Mom" team. Comprised of highly-trained female investigators, these "PI-Moms" possess unique skill-sets that make them an invaluable asset to the many complex infidelity cases and undercover stings our firm routinely performs.

Butler & Associates Private Investigations is not a "middleman" agency; we do not process payments and hire other P.I.'s to do our casework. Our firm is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the Professional Investigators of California, the 100 Club of Contra Costa County, and the California Association of Workplace Investigators.

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