Tea Party packs Cesar Chavez Park


There was also a decent-sized crowd in Union Square, in San Francisco where some Tea Party members faced-off with challengers and a similar situation was found in San Jose.

For the second year in a row, tax day means meeting in Cesar Chavez Park; hundreds arrived, with flags, signs, and a message.

"The government is getting too big, too rapidly, we can't afford it. We need to get back to personal liberties," said Santa Clara Democrat David Jones.

"I'm really worried about this country," said San Jose Republican Christi Humphrey.

Party lines are disappearing as the Tea Party's strength grows. Tea party members are angry about health care reform and government spending.

"We're tired of taxes, and taxes and taxes," said San Jose Republican Ralph Hoiland.

This economist focused, not on spending, but on building up the market place.

"I think the path we should be pursuing is one of open trade borders, open trade paths, and more open immigration policies," said San Jose State University assistant professor Emily Schaeffer.

The opinions were clear, but not necessarily shared by all.

Only a few people here were not Tea Party supporters and most of them, were at the park to simply mock the majority.

A non-political group tried to draw attention away from the Tea Party and it worked, but others were stronger about their opposing views.

"The people here are mainly just racists, lie mongers, fear mongers, hate mongers who don't really understand why they're so unhappy," said San Jose Democrat Russ Harden.

Opinions were challenged constantly.

The party ended peacefully with one arrest for using a loud speaker without a permit.

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