Man on life support after attack, suspects sought


Police have released video of the men they think were involved in the attack. They say the video was taken right after the attack and they believe the two men shown had just beat up a 59-year-old man and his adult son for no reason at all.

"This is a senseless act. It's very disturbing," Officer Jeff Thomason said. "We have individuals out there that don't care, don't have any words exchanged, for no reason whatsoever, will cause violence on a person, an old man."

"I might not have been as surprised at night in the dark, but 3:00 in the afternoon seemed really, just crazy," said Jean Van Fleet.

Van Fleet saw the whole thing from her bookstore across the street from the Fox Theatre where the attack happened.

"It was just awful," she told ABC7. "He was down. He was unconscious. He was spasming."

Police say one of the men hit the son, Jin Yu, in the face, while his father was parking the car. When his father arrived, he went up to them and asked them why they hit his son.

"The father goes up to them and he was, in turn, sucker-punched and he got knocked to the ground, and he is in grave condition," said

Police do not know why the men hit the father and son. No words were exchanged and they did not steal anything from them. Investigators have printed up postcards with pictures of the suspects for patrol officers to carry around with them.

"I was just really angry. I was upset about it," Van Fleet said. "It was terrible to see what happened to that man."

Even Oakland's Mayor Ron Dellums issued a statement about the attack calling it "senseless" and "outrageous." Crimestoppers of Oakland is offering a $15,000 reward in the case. Right now, police do not have any suspects.

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